Oz Effect Presents: Week 15 NFL Picks

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    Updated: December 15, 2013
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    What a week of football we had last week. Mother Nature was in full force with a lot of the games. None better than the Lions-Eagles game. I can’t remember when I’ve seen snow like that for an NFL game. The best part about all the games that had snow is now all the pundits who were saying that having the Superbowl in New York (and by New York I mean New Jersey) will be a boring low scoring game now look foolish. 

    I can’t imagine there being more snow than the game in Philadelphia and the two teams manages to put up 50 points. So everybody just needs to relax. Football is meant to be played in the elements. As fans we should embrace the Superbowl in New York. And I hope one day it could be played in Green Bay. Not only are they the team to win the 1st Superbowl, but the trophy is named after their legendary coach Vince Lombardi.  

    Anyway you know the drill. I always do my picks with my main man Will. His picks will be listed below mine. Last week I destroyed him (and by destroyed I mean got him by one pick).  The over/unders we use are from fantasy911.com. Enjoy my domination once again.


    Chargers (7-7) vs. Broncos (11-3)-O/U 58

    So this game already happened. The Chargers are a tough team to read but if they play like this they can give anybody problems in the AFC. The only problem is they don’t consistently play like that.

    Oz-Broncos and the under 

    Will-Broncos and the over



    Redskins (3-10) vs. Falcons (3-10)-O/U 49.5

    In what would have been a great game for RGIII to recover, the Redskins bench him for the year. Now we get to see what Cousins has to offer for other teams. If he plays well enough I think the Redskins can possibly get a second round pick for him. And against this terrible Falcons defense his stock could be at an all-time high after this game is over.  But other than that, what a terrible game. 

    Oz-Redskins and the over 

    Will-Falcons and the under



    Bears (7-6) vs. Browns (4-9)-O/U 44 

    Cutler makes his return and if he doesn’t have the performance of his life he’s going to receive a lot of flak. But he should be okay. This matchup features two young WR’s who have been on a roll lately.  Josh Gordon absolutely cannot be stopped. There isn’t one person on the Bears defense that can cover him. And with Joe Haden most likely on Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey should be able to go off as well. I wonder what year Vegas thought it was when they made this line so low. Both these defenses are not that good.  

    Oz-Bears and the over 

    Will-Bears and the over                                 



    Texans (2-11) vs. Colts (8-5)-O/U 45.5 

    I’ve said it a million times, this Colts team is very tricky. Luck is going to play his heart out every game, but the rest of his team you never know. But when you’re playing the Wade Phillips led Texans, everything should be fine. I really want to see Keenum shine for the rest of the season. If he doesn’t I’m going to miss seeing him play. Nobody was more excited to be on the field than him. I really think he appreciated the opportunity.  

    Oz-Colts and the over 

    Will-Colts and the over



    Patriots (10-3) vs. Dolphins (7-6)-O/U 46

    The Patriots losing Gronk is going to hurt especially in the end zone but they have proven they can get by without him. Before Gronk came back Brady was starting to work up a solid relationship with his you receivers. Once again they are going to need to step it up if the Patriots want to make it back to the Superbowl. The Patriots are going up against a Dolphins team that is hungry. As they continue to put the Richie Incognito situation behind them, they have been playing some solid ball. Will won’t admit it because he is a Miami hater. But that’s why you got me to always tell you the truth. 

    Oz-Dolphins and the under 

    Will-Patriots and the over



    Eagles (8-5) vs. Vikings (3-9-1)-O/U 51 

    I was one of the people who thought that the NFC East will come down to the final game.  In order for that to happen the Eagles have to continue to play the football they have been as of late. Foles has been rolling. McCoy has been solid. And they get a good matchup with the Adrian Peterson-less Vikings. Gehart the backup RB for the Vikings would be solid but he might not play either. Basically what I’m saying is it’s not looking good for the Vikings. 

    Oz-Eagles and the under

    Will-Eagles and the under



    Seahawks (11-2) vs. Giants (5-8)-O/U 42 

    The Seahawks are looking to lock up the division and home field advantage. They missed an opportunity last week against the 49ers (I had to bring it up). But they are going against a Giants team that has been off all year. The Giants are out of the playoff picture at this time so they really don’t have anything to play for. But that could make them dangerous. Or at least maybe the game might not be as bad as I think. 

    Oz-Seahawks and the over 

    Will-Seahawks and the over



    49ers (9-4) vs. Bucs (4-9)-O/U 41.5 

    I can only be all in so much people. I just want you all to know I love this Bucs team as if they were my own. Any other game I’d have their back. For obvious reasons I can’t do it on this one. 

    Oz-49ers and the over

    Will-49ers and the over



    Bills (4-9) vs. Jaguars (4-9)-O/U 43 

    What a battle we have here folks. Even though these teams have the same record, only the Bills have been inconsistent. The Jags lost a lot at first, and then they started winning.  Gus Bradley has been doing an excellent job at Jacksonville. This will be a close matchup because I think the decent Bills team shows up.  

    Oz-Bills and the over 

    Will-Jaguars and the under



    Chiefs (10-3) vs. Raiders (4-9)-O/U 42 

    Like I said in last week’s predictions. If you need to get back on track, play the Redskins.  And now the Chiefs once again look like a force. They get to go into the black hole and deal with a Raiders team that at this point is just trying to figure stuff out for their future.  A win here would be nice but I just don’t see it happening.  

    Oz-Chiefs and the over 

    Will-Chiefs and the over



    Jets (6-7) vs. Panthers (9-4)-O/U 41 

    The Jets have done an excellent job at nothing this year. You never know what you’re going to get from Geno. The rest of the team is not much better. The Panthers got embarrassed on Sunday night.  They will be looking for revenge. The secondary of the Panthers is going to want to stick to Santonio Holmes for his stupid (yet true but because he is overrated it’s stupid) comments about them being the wink link. This has the makings of a blowout.

    Oz-Jets and the over 

    Will-Panthers and the over



    Packers (6-6-1) vs. Cowboys (7-6)-O/U 49.5 

    I really wish for the Packers sake that Aaron Rodgers was playing. He would spoil the Cowboys season and most likely take his team to the playoffs. Instead the Packers get another week of Matt Flynn. But I think I’ve read or heard it on TV or something that Tony Romo doesn’t do well in December. It’s not his terrible defense that’s the problem.  Just Romo. Because Romo plays in all phases of football. Give it a rest people.  He’s not that bad. 

    Oz-Cowboys and the under

    Will-Packers and the under



    Cardinals (8-5) vs. Titans (5-8)-O/U 42 

    This game will seal the deal for Munchak as coach for Tennessee. After a very up and down season, word out of Titan HQ (like I know) is they wasn’t him gone. And since this team is inferior to the Cards, they will lose. Arizona has had a solid season beating teams like this. 

    Oz-Cardinals and the over 

    Will-Cardinals and the over



    Saints (10-3) vs. Rams (5-8)-O/U 48

    The Saints are not the best road team. But when you play on the road and you are in a dome like the one they play in, there should be no problems. St. Louis has been beating teams they really shouldn’t this year. I don’t know if they can pull another rabbit out of that hat.  

    Oz-Saints and the over

    Will-Saints and the over



    Bengals (9-4) vs. Steelers (5-8)-O/U 42.5 

    The Steelers are still in it for the wildcard. They would need a lot of craziness to happen but there still in it. The first bit of craziness would be to beat the Bengals. And it’s possible. Big Ben has been playing good enough and I just can’t trust the Bengals (as a Bengals fan you should be really happy I feel that way about your team).  

    Oz-Steelers and the under 

    Will-Bengals and the over



    Ravens (7-6) vs. Lions (7-6)-O/U 48.5 

    The Ravens are getting it together while the Lions are falling apart due to bad coaching. I would love for both teams to fall apart (I swear I’m not that bitter about the Superbowl) especially after what the Ravens did to us in the Superbowl (okay I lied). But I think the Ravens little batch of luck runs out and I think the Lions win big. I want you all to know I say that with hardly any confidence whatsoever. 

    Oz-Lions and the over

    Will-Lions and the over

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