Week 12 NFL Picks Recap

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Updated: November 26, 2013
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Every week from week 5 on we will release the NFL Picks Recap. We tell you which writer picked the correct picks for that week, then we total up the records and show who did best, and who was Dunce of the week. Enjoy!


New Orleans Saints 17 vs. Atlanta Falcons 13

Winners: All


Baltimore Ravens 19 vs. Jets 3 

Winners: Frantz, Ty Law 


Pittsburgh Steelers 27 vs. Cleveland Browns 11 

Winners: All


Carolina Panthers 20 vs. Miami Dolphins 16 

Winners: Frantz, Bruce Wayne, C-Dub, Poropat


St. Louis Rams 42 vs. Chicago Bears 21 

Winners: Bruce Wayne, C-Dub


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 vs. Detroit Lions 21 

Winner: Complete Whiff, nice job Lions


Minnesota Vikings 26 vs. Green Bay Packers 26 

Winners: Tie’s are dumb.


Jacksonville Jaguars 13 vs. Houston Texans 6 

Winner: Ty Law. Lucky Guess


San Diego Charger 41 vs. Kansas City Chiefs 38 

Winners: Bruce Wayne 


Arizona Cardinals 40 vs. Indianapolis Colts 11

Winner: Frantz, C-Dub, Poropat


Tennessee Titans 23 vs. Oakland Raiders 19 

Winners: Frantz, Ty Law, Poropat


Dallas Cowboys 24 vs. New York Giants 21 

Winners: Frantz, That’s what the rest of you get for picking those trash talking Bums


New England Patriots 34 vs. Denver Broncos 31 

Winners: Frantz, Bruce Wayne, Poropat. LOL @ anyone who thinks Manning is even close to Brady


San Francisco 49ers 27 vs. Washington Redskins 6 

Winners: Frantz, Bruce Wayne, C-Dub, Poropat 



Frantz - 9

Bruce Wayne - 7

Poropat - 7

C-Dub - 6

Ty Law - 5


That makes back-to-back weeks Frantz has taken home the crown. He is possibly the greatest NFL Picks Expert in history!!!!!

300 Gif


And our LSN Dunce of the week…Ty Law. Rough. Better luck next time chap. Dunce cap it is. 

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