K-C it to believe it: Chiefs sit at 6-0.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have proven that over the last six weeks that their success is no fluke. They have a defense that is top-notch, and, in my opinion, is quite possibly among the top three defenses in the league. 

San Francisco is glad they have Colin Kaepernick, but Alex Smith has shown that it wasn’t happenstance that they made it to the playoffs last year after starting the first half of the season with Smith. 

Two factors contribute to the success of the Chiefs so far this season: Alex Smith has made a full recovery into what has become the best start of his career, and Andy Reid is a stellar coach who has shown that it’ll take more than Chip Kelly to turn around the Eagles. The coming together of Alex Smith and Andy Reid is a plan that has been in the works since before Reid left Philadelphia—meaning that Reid’s offense is specially designed for a passer just like Smith. This ideal matchup has led to the Chief’s dominance so far this season.

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A game such as Sunday’s Chiefs/Raiders game showed how disgusting the Raiders defense can be and how unstoppable the Chiefs can be. Terrell Pryor threw one td and three picks for just over 200 yards. Smith did not have a great game, and despite throwing zero touchdown passes, he still managed to not throw a single pick while the rest of the Chiefs put on quite a show in KC. Jamaal Charles was clutch Sunday rushing for just 78 yards but with two TDs. It was a good thing Charles muscled through those blisters that were reportedly on his feet (rotowire.com) or else the game may have been a bit closer.

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While it’s premature to make a declaration on who will be in New York City in February, or even who will make the playoffs, if the Chiefs continue to play the way they have been, it seems likely we will see them near the top spot come the end of the season. Consider their competition: the way the Chargers and Raiders have played in the AFC West has left much to be desired; even with a win tonight the Chargers will still be at .500 and a solid three games behind the Broncos and Chiefs whom are both undefeated. By comparison, The Chiefs and their dynamic start are half of the reason why the AFC West looks as poor as it does if you’re not on the Broncos or Chiefs squad. A mere six weeks ago, no analyst would have put the Chiefs sitting at number one with the Broncos. 

Will the Chiefs contend for the perfect season? Far from it. Will they make a concerted effort into the playoffs? It seems easy as of now to say absolutely.

Next week Kansas City has the Texans at home. With Shaub’s future in Houston unsure and the fate of the team’s season possibly sitting on the shoulder of T.J. Yates, I don’t see the Texans posing a threat to the Chiefs record. Kansas City should come out of the match unscathed. 

After a tough defensive play yesterday from the team, and the fans making an attempt at shattering decibel records in KC, the Chiefs will be a threat to anyone who steps in their way. 

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  1. Sonja says:

    As a 49ers fan, was sorry to see Alex go. Now, I’m even sorrier! His consistency in not turning over the ball is a great asset for any offense. I’d love to see Smith take KC all the way to Metlife.

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