Brazil: One Star Short

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    Updated: July 6, 2014
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    If you have been following the World Cup this year than one name has stood out over the last few weeks, Brazil’s attacking midfielder Neymar Jr. Brazil who is currently hosting the 2014 World Cup are currently headed to the World Cup Semi-Finals but they will be one star short this time around.

    Neymar, who is one of futbol’s youngest Phenom’s, was destined to shine on futbol’s biggest stage. Only 22, he has scored four goals during the tournament, and assisted on teammate Thiago Silva’s opening goal in the 7th minute of Friday’s Quarterfinal game. Everything seemed to be going Brazil’s way in the first half of the game in which Brazil came out on fire, like a team ready to take home the World Cup. However, everything would change during the second half in which Brazil seemed to be struggling.

    The game was played at a high intense level in which players found themselves on the ground or getting hit most of the match. It seemed as though the referee’s did not want to throw out their yellow cards, which would have been prevalent in such a high intense game in which 54 fouls were called. This was the most fouls called in any World Cup game this year. Colombia star James Rodriguez along with Neymar would both take their fair share of hard fouls. Brazil would score again off of a free kick by David Luiz in the 69th minute. Colombia would keep fighting to keep their World Cup hopes alive. Rodriguez would bring Colombia within one goal after making a penalty kick in the 80th minute. Down one, Colombia was making the match an interesting one, doing everything they can to get an equalizer to take the game into overtime.

    Time was Brazil’s friend as it was coming up on the 90th minute and stoppage time. However, Brazil would take their biggest hit with five minutes left in the game. Colombian defender Juan Camilo Zuniga jumped for a loose ball heading towards Neymar and ended up kneeing him in his lower back. Neymar fell to the ground in uncontrollable pain. He would later be taken off the field in a stretcher.

    Brazil would go on to win the game 2-1 but their victory would be dampened by the news that Neymar would miss the rest of the World Cup with a fractured vertebra. Brazilian team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar told Brazil Sports TV that Neymar would not need surgery for his injury but would not be able to continue playing in the World Cup. News traveled around the world as Brazil watched their World Cup turn from joyous to uncertainty as their star player was taken out of the competition.

    Now Brazil must look towards the future in their eventual match against the powerhouse Germany team who were favorites to win this year’s Cup. Germany is a difficult team to beat when all of your star players are on the field. This does not bode well for Brazil. What makes matters worse, Brazil’s Captain Thiago Silva will not be playing in Tuesday match against Germany after picking up his second yellow card for jumping in front of Colombia’s goal keeper.

    Yellow cards are not wiped out until after the Quarterfinals, thus putting Brazil in an even bigger hole. Although Brazil is facing a tough road ahead, they are remaining positive about the situation and believe they can rise above it all to beat Germany. Everyone is going to pull together for Neymar and bring their best game. Fans will be packed in the stadium to give their team all the energy they can because they will surely need it.

    Brazil will be praying that they have enough to deliver the upset now that they are considered the underdogs. Tuesdays match will be one of high emotion and intense play for a team that is already considered too emotional. This match should make for some interesting drama either way. Hope Neymar has a speedy recovery, futbol and Brazil needs its star player back on his feet.

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