FSU: The Garnet & Gold Empire Reigns Supreme

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    Updated: January 7, 2014
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    Do you hear that noise America? That sound you hear is the sound of sheer elation coming from Florida State fans in Tallahassee, to Saloon in Manhattan New York, all the way to Pasadena, California where all the proud and lucky Seminoles fans got a chance to witness first hand what Seminoles nation has been waiting for, to watch FSU reach the summit of college football.

    We are here now, we like it here, we love it here, and we are here to stay. Before I go any further, praise and congratulations must be given to the conference that has had a perennial chokehold on college football for nearly a decade, the SEC. The SEC has been a super power in the sports world breeding NFL quality players at every turn while winning 7 straight national championships as if it were their birthright.

    The state of Alabama alone was on the cusp of winning 5 straight championships. The Auburn Tigers were a worthy representative of a great conference, and coach Gus Malzahn and his brilliant play calling will be giving Nick Saban and Les Miles nightmares for years to come. 

    But now comes a new era, the Seminoles era. The BCS National Championship game began with Florida State in 1999, and it’s only fitting that the BCS era ends with FSU being its last champion. People say Auburn was the team of destiny, for most of the season they were with their miraculous wins. 

    But tonight, destiny was on the Seminoles side, and with Jameis Winston, Devonta Freeman, Rashad Greene and Kelvin Benjamin, the Seminoles offense that took the ball 77 yards for the final drive. If there was ever a time for a player to live up to the Heisman hype, then there was no better time than the last 1:12 in the fourth quarter of the National Championship game.

    Jameis was either going come up trump, or go home with a lot of personal accolades and trophies, but nothing for his teammates and fan base to revel in. He came up big when he was needed most. Greene came up big when he was needed most. And Kelvin Benjamin came up big when he was needed the most.

    The defense cannot be forgotten in this Seminoles praise. After giving up 21 points in the first half, the Seminoles defense held Auburn to 10 points in the second half and came up with a clutch interception when the defense needed a big stop. 

    No defense was going to be good enough to stop Tre Mason and that running scheme, but during the second half the defense did just enough to hold Auburn to 10 points and give the offense a chance. 

    Next season college football moves to a four team playoff and that will be an even more exciting proposition to the dreaded BCS that so many of us college football fans have despised through the years. But this time the BCS got it right, and it was the game the entire country had been waiting for. 

    So congrats to the Florida State Seminoles, good riddance BCS, and good night America.


    Courtesy of FSU Alum TYLER MITTELBERG!!!!

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