Racism In Italian Sports? No…You Don’t Say

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    Updated: March 18, 2014
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    I am one of the biggest soccer/football fans that I know. I’m a die-hard fan and as you can tell by most of the World Futbol posts on site, I am the writer behind the majority of them.

    I know European soccer the best, and although every league in Europe deals with racism, it always seems as if Italy is one of the countries embroiled in some sort of racist chants at its players on the pitch.

    Whether it be bananas throw at players or monkey chants aimed at players like Kevin Prince-Boateng or Mario Balotelli, there is always something happening.

    I know nothing about Italian culture other than what I’ve read, seen on television or know from my italian friends, but when it comes to their sports, they seem trapped in the 1892 when it comes to racism. I am not saying all Italians are racist because that would be irresponsible and idiotic, I have italian writers for goodness sake. But there are always those idiots in the group that ruin it for everyone.

    I thought racism was only a soccer problem…until my friend put me on to this little Italian gem. 

    These baseball players wanted to re-enact a scene from the classic Charlie Sheen baseball movie Major League, which was a great idea. 

    It took me about 20 seconds to realize what might be happening at the end of the video and I thought to myself this is not what I’m about to witness…then I realized it was Italy and sports, of course it was. Then we had…well, I’ll let you watch for yourself…

    …..Yeah. Stay Classy Italy.

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