Romo & Jameis: My QB’s Cause Me Headaches..Fun

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Updated: May 2, 2014
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I love every team I root for, as I am sure most of you do as well. Good or bad, we have to be loyal to our teams, and that’s not debatable.

And although we have to support every player on our respective teams, certain players simply just make you scratch your head in sheer bewilderment with their actions.

Luckily for me I have the pleasure of having the most polarizing athlete in sports as my NFL quarterback, and my college quarterback seems to think he wears an invisibility cloak when out in public and can commit petty theft for kicks.

I have no idea what I did to the sports Gods to feel their wraith like this, but whatever I did, I’m paying for it one meme at a time. 

Jameis Winston And the Crab Leg Fiasco 

Jameis Winston is a supremely talented athlete and was the Heisman trophy winning quarterback of the National champion Florida State Seminoles. He did everything I could ask for as a fan on the field. He led the ‘Noles to their first title in over a decade and it was amazing to watch.

But it’s his off-field issues that leave a lot to be desired. Since Jameis is a two-sport athlete, my inclination was he would be far too busy and focused on life to do anything to get himself in trouble.

He’s constantly being watched and he should have good people around him to tell him to always be on the straight and narrow. Jameis was doing great for the FSU baseball team and I figured all was well…that is until the news broke that he was the worst cat burglar in history and got caught stealing crab legs from Publix. Good Grief. 

He’s easily the biggest star in Tallahassee right now. He couldn’t go to the local Red Lobster and get a free meal? Jimbo Fisher and his wife couldn’t have had a cook out or some sort of seafood night?

Jameis said he forgot to pay for the groceries and it was an honest mistake. Listen, I’m no moralist and in life things happen. But his decision-making off the field has to be better because no matter how talented a player is, talent can only take a person so far before their own stupidity catches up with them.

Someone has to really sit Jameis down and explain to him that his pre-famous life is over. He’s a star now and it’s only going to get worse as the fame increases or the more dumb things he does off the field.

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A player in his position can’t make mistakes make dumb mistakes like this on or off the field because both have their ramifications. The Florida State baseball coach suspended him and now everyone is questioning what type of person he really is.

Not good. I honestly wish him the best in the last year as a Seminole and in his NFL career after that, but he has to stop embarrassing himself and all of the people who go to FSU as students, or the support the team as fans. Please, for all our sakes.


Tony Romo And All Things Unfortunately Romo 

It’s not always fun being a Cowboys fan and it hasn’t been fun for years. Jerry Jones does not make rooting for the Cowboys an exciting venture anymore.

At this point, Cowboys fans just hope that we aren’t the butt of every joke from Monday morning until the following Saturday when it comes to Cowboys mishaps.

And although Jerry Jones is the architect and ringleader of this circus, the main attraction is everyone’s favorite punching bag, Tony Romo. I honestly feel bad for Romo sometimes.

He gets a lot of unjust criticism, and as a fan I always feel the need to stick up for him because I definitely believe he’s a top 7-8 quarterback in the NFL.

But Romo does not make it easy on himself or the people defending him. His clutch interceptions like in the games last season against the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers set the Internet on fire, and Cowboys fans text message logs blow up right along with it.

Tony Romo’s on field decision-making is just as bad as Jameis Winston’s off field decision-making and it’s stunning to watch. The crazy part about the Romo situation is what’s been occurring as of late.

The NFL season has been over for months, and the Cowboys season even longer than that, yet Romo keeps popping up everywhere, and that’s not a good thing for Cowboys fans. Whenever Romo shows up to a game, whether it a Duke basketball game, or Dallas Mavericks playoff game, the fun begins. During game 4 of the Mavericks playoff game at home to the San Antonio Spurs, the camera panned to the crowd and showed Romo and Jason Witten cheering for the Mavericks.

I automatically knew what was about to transpire. Immediately after showing Romo the Mavericks turned the ball over and the hashtag “#BlameRomo” started trending worldwide.

When the Mavericks eventually gave up the lead and lost to the Spurs, you guessed it, #BlameRomo was still trending. There is a certain point in a Cowboys fan’s career of rooting for the ‘Boys that we don’t even get upset anymore, we just have to laugh because this stuff couldn’t be scripted any better.

I think all the Romo stuff is funny when it doesn’t involve him throwing an interception. Anything Romo does on his own personal time his business.

But when he’s on the field, and these mishaps occur, I have to go into Witness protection from my friends and family for about 5 days and it’s getting tiresome. 

I will always root for my beloved Cowboys and Seminoles, and I am still enjoying bragging to people about the National Championship game; but both these quarterbacks have to be smarter on and off the field, and it must start now.

So to Tony Romo and Jameis, I am speaking on behalf of all Cowboys fandom and Seminoles nation with these next three words; Gentlemen, Do Better. 

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  1. Derrick

    May 3, 2014 at 1:30 AM

    Maybe Jameis needs to have another talk with former Heisman Winner Johnny Manziel in regards to the post Heisman fame. I think people are making too much out of Tony Romo’s public appearances. I don’t see how things like that are messing with his image. There’s nothing wrong with him going out and supporting the other sports franchise in Big D.

    • Frantz Paul

      Frantz Paul

      May 5, 2014 at 2:20 PM

      You are likely right about the Romo going out thing. I would honestly rather him stay out of the limelight as much as possible but he is what he is at this point. Really good quarterback. Just feel the least on him the better. Jameis needs to get his act together and now.

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