Romo. The story of his career.

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Fantasy owners I hope you enjoyed a great performance by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo today. I am sure he got you a ridiculous amount of points. Actual Dallas Cowboys fans shouldn’t be angry after this loss, no reason to. We’ve been here before, with this team and this quarterback, over and over again. Today’s game against the Denver Broncos literally showed you the man’s entire career in four quarters. I refuse to put this loss on Romo’s shoulders, he played like a man possessed today. Monte Kiffin’s defense gave up 51 points today, not Romo. If anything Romo is the main reason we were even sniffing a win against the Broncos. He was absolutely amazing for 98% of the game. Even though Romo is the NFL player, I was referring to Romo all game long as Tony Football. The way he was making plays with his feet and his final numbers were similar to watching a Texas A&M game with Johnny “Johnny Football” Manziel. It’s so much fun to watch a quarterback play that way all game long, until he does something that leaves you speechless; and not in that you just got the winning lotto numbers correct kind of way.

Coming into the game, all the talk was about Peyton Manning, and the numbers he was going to put up against the Cowboys defense; and ultimately it came to fruition. From the second quarter on today, Peyton was playing man against boy’s style football. Until the interception to Morris Claiborne, Manning was virtually mistake free and doing to the Cowboys defense what he’s done to every defense he’s faced this year. Manning finished with 414 passing yards, four touchdowns and one interception. Manning practiced against the Tampa 2 defense for years under Tony Dungy while the two were coach and star quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. I don’t recall one play Manning didn’t audible at the line today; it was typical all-time great Peyton Manning. Yet, all game long Manning was matched step for step by Tony Romo. The Cowboys jumped to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter today, and it looked like Romo and Dez Bryant came to play. Then Peyton realized the game started and he went berserk. The Broncos scored 21 points in the second quarter, and the Cowboys only scored six. Going into halftime I was sure the game was over. Everyone knows Peyton doesn’t get going until after halftime. First drive of the third quarter Peyton scores a touchdown, as expected. Romo answered right back with an 82-yard touchdown pass to rookie receiver Terrance Williams. The Broncos lead was now cut 35-27, game on.

In the fourth quarter Dallas took a 48-41 lead after a 79 yards reception by Dez Bryant that got the ball to the four-yard line, and that set up a four-yard touchdown pass to Cole Beasley. Manning responded with a 73-yard drive and Knowshon Moreno scoring a 1-yard touchdown with 2:44 left in the 4th. Now the Cowboys had the ball and a chance to shock the football world. The conversation I was having with my television went like this, “Romo you can do this, you have 500 yards and 5 touchdowns, all you have to do is not turn the ball over, Tony, you got this.  No seriously Tony, all you have to do is what you’ve been doing, as a matter of fact, all you need to do is kill some clock and get into field goal range.” Romo’s response, “Nah, I’m good.” Interception. Absolutely lovely. So Fantasy owners congratulations on your points today. For us Cowboys fans, we shouldn’t be angry over this loss. There is still plenty of season left; but for us, the last 2:40 of today’s game is our norm. The highs and lows of Tony Romo being your quarterback. To everyone else, it was just Romo being Romo. The Story of his career. 

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  1. Nicole says:

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  2. Joe D. says:

    When “Right on Time Tony” threw the game-losing interception, I did not flinch, yell, or show any emotion of surprise. My friend (not a Cowboys fan) turned to me and said, “Wow, you took that pretty well,” to which I responded, “It was expected.” That is not a healthy feeling to have in one’s QB. A career-defining game in which Romo exchanges big play after big play with one of the greatest. But the only thing that matters is the L that stands next to the game. Ironically enough, this sums up Romo’s career: talented player with the statistics to prove his skill but unable to win when the game is on the line.

  3. Varga says:

    Apparently Garret forgot to keep the Heimlich in the playbook for this game.

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