Don Sterling, You Kooky Ole Racist You…Yikes NBA

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    Updated: April 26, 2014
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    By now, most of the sporting world has heard news of the hate filled racist rant spewed by Donald Sterling owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

    It has not been a good week to be racist in America thanks to media coverage.

    Earlier in the week, America was introduced to Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who felt that slavery was better for the black populous than the current situation African-Americans face under the United States government.

    Not sure why that man is allowed to speak to another human being period, but there it is.  

    Then last night the world was exposed to Sterling’s conversation with his girlfriend, V. Silviano, who happens to be half black mind you, and demeaned her actions of bringing blacks into “his arena.” Have you ever found yourself in one of those situations when someone says something so foolish that although it’s not funny, you have to sit back and just give a good chuckle to yourself regardless? That was my reaction to the Sterling situation.

    The owner of an NBA franchise, in a league that is predominantly black, rails on his half black girlfriend about bringing black people to an arena, to watch a predominantly black sport which has netted him millions…um what? It’s like a skit out of the Chappelle Show. 

    The most bizarre part about the entire Sterling fiasco is the man who is basis for Sterling’s ire, Earvin “Magic” Johnson. In another bout of what can only be chalked up to “old rich guy mental lapse” by Sterling, he has a huge problem with Ms. Silviano bringing Magic to the game.

    Listen, of all the people in the world Sterling has a problem with bringing to Staples Center Sterling has his gripes with THAT man? Good Grieg Yosemite Sam…I mean Sterling. Sorry. 

    OF course social media went crazy when TMZ broke the news on this last night, and whenever anything happens in the world social media sites like twitter go crazy.

    And once you weed through all the unimportant tweets, every now and then there are people who just write gems on twitter and those tweets must be shown to the world.

    Ashley Nicole and Kel Dansby of BlackSportsOnline, a very well run and written publication (see recent dust-up with ESPN’s Colin Cowherd as proof they’re really good), are two intelligent journalists I respect immensely and are great follows on twitter. The two of them had this to say on the matter: 


    Let what both of them said sink in for a minute, especially what Kel’s wrote. Magic Johnson helped build that arena that Sterling is currently occupying. Magic Johnson brought trophy after trophy to Los Angeles while Sterling’s Clippers were the resident dumpster fire in L.A. The audacity to have a beef with a man who is worth $900 million dollars and has helped give notoriety to Los Angeles basketball and the sport itself is deplorable by Sterling. But, can we expect anything less or more of the man? No, because he isn’t a new racist, he’s been a racist as far back as people living in Los Angeles can remember.  Sterling has had his dust ups with former players and head coaches based on race issues. It’s said that Sterling would also deny blacks and Latinos the opportunity to live in his apartment complexes in L.A., and with this new debacle it just seems as if it’s business as usual in Sterling world.

    I’ve read on other sites that the Clippers players should mutiny, or strike, or do something in opposition to what Sterling did. It’s a commendable idea, and it would be quite a sight to see, but you and I know that is not happening.

    If everyone quit their jobs because of racist bosses then the unemployment rate in this country would probably be in the 40th percentile. Quick side note, Doc Rivers has known this man for years.

    Strange that Doc would go back to work under Sterling knowing he’s a racist, no? Maybe a different story for a different day…

    But for now, this is a job for new NBA commissioner Adam Silver to start really putting his stamp on his tenure and doing something about this old racist.

    Before, Clippers matters would get swept under the rug because essentially the Clippers were a bottom feeder franchise that was basically the Milwaukee Bucks west. Now that they’re doing well, this is a big deal, which is terrible, but at least now something will get accomplished about removing Sterling in some way. Well, I hope something will get accomplished.

    If Sterling is just left to be who he is then Silver has already failed his new post, his players, his fellow owners, his fan base, and an entire sporting world in one fell swoop.

    The old adage “Nothing changes if nothing changes” should be the mantra of this situation. Silver must do better with Sterling and his racism than his predecessor David Stern did. And just like on draft day Mr. Silver, you’re on the clock. Make this first move your best move…for all of our sakes.  

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