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    Updated: March 4, 2014
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    How many hours did fantasy football consume your life last season? I missed my daughter take her first steps because I was watching Jamal Charles score his fourth touchdown against the Raiders to push my team into my fantasy league championship- The Jentlemen’s League.

    No, that never happened, but I’m sure it’s happened to you or you know someone who has a life story that was impacted by fantasy football.

    According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association the average fantasy football manager spends an average of 3 hours a week managing their teams. 48 hours over a 16 week season. What’s an even more important number than that 48 hours? 

    The most important number right now is 183. That’s the number of days until we kick off the NFL season. Today is the day you start prepping. It’s never too late to open up your war room. 

    Of course these rankings do not take into account the 2014 rookies and as we all know, rookies can impact your squad (Cam Newton, and Clinton Portis Circa 2002 for you old schoolers). The rookies will be added to the list pending the NFL Draft.

    Without further ado here are your 2014 fantasy preseason rankings.


    1. Aaron Rodgers- Two years ago he was in the discussion for the number one overall pick. Should be back in top form and the Green Bay Packers newly added ground games helps.

    2. Cam Newton- Cam gets it done with his arm and legs, and at only 24 years old, look for Cam to have another strong season.

    3. Peyton Manning- Manning probably doesn’t put up the offensive numbers from 2013, but the offense should be firing again on all cylinders.  He also just passed the physical on his neck and he is cleared to play the coming season.

    4. Drew Brees- Can you ever count this man out. Top 5 lock.

    5. Andrew Luck- 23 scores and 9 interceptions in 2013. No sophomore slump for this man last year. Look for him to keep trending upward in 2014.

    6. Nick Foles- Recently engaged and holding down the 6th spot in these rankings.

    7. Matthew Stafford- 14,655 yards and 90 td’s the last three seasons.

    8. Tony Romo- Coaching carousel continues with the addition of Scott Linehan. Got to love the upside for Romo due to Linehan’s tenure with the Rams, Lions, Vikings, and Dolphins all those teams were never afraid to air it out. Check Daunte Culpepper- 2002, Gus Frerotte- 2005, Marc Bulger- 2006, and Matthew Stafford.

    9. Matt Ryan- The return of Julio is greater than the loss of Tony Gonzalez.

    10. Russell Wilson- Be interesting to see Wilson’s stats over full season with Harvin, well that’s if Harvin stays healthy. 

    11. Tom Brady- Has Brady ever been this low? Am I that bad at rankings? Are there just that many good QB’s in the NFL these days?

    12. Colin Kaepernick- Is this man worth the 18 million he’s reportedly asking for in a long-term deal? Do contract amounts matter in fantasy? No, still one of the QB’s to have on your roster come opening kickoff.

    13. Robert Griffin III- Should bounce back to his 2012 form now that he has a full offseason to get ready.

    14. Philip Rivers- Speaking of bounce back that is precisely what El Capitan did last year.

    15. Jay Cutler- Three great weapons in Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, and Alshon Jeffery.


    Running Backs 

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    1. LeSean McCoy-Explosive offense. Hard to argue not taking Shady number one next season.

    2. Jamal Charles- 1,980 total yards last season. 1,287(rushing) and 693 receiving. You know Andy will look to get him touches again.

    3. Adrian Peterson- Coming close to the dreaded 30-year-old plateau, plus the addition of Norv Turner as Offensive Coordinator makes this not the best combo. Well this is fantasy football and Norv isn’t so bad when it comes to fantasy studs being involved, see Josh Gordon last season. AP should see more receptions come 2014. Draft with confidence.

    4. Marshawn Lynch- Break out the Skittles. Wilson and Harvin should open up more holes for The Beast. Don’t see Seattle changing up their offense scheme and shying away from the run game.

    5. Matt Forte- Third most yards in 2013. 1,933 yards total. 1,339(rushing), 594(receiving), 12 TD’s. 2nd year in Mark Trestman’s offense, should have another monster year.

    6. Eddie Lacy- After the first two games of the 2013 season Mr. Lacy came on strong. A full season with A Rodg back under center should make things even easier for the 2nd year man.

    7. Le’Veon Bell- Broke the Steelers rookie record for most yards from scrimmage. Possible new blocking scheme being implemented. Great first name. Great things expected from this 2nd year man as well.

    8. Doug Martin- Welcome back Dougernator.

    9. Demarco Murray- Entering the final year of his rookie deal.

    10. Reggie Bush- Topped 1,000 yards during his first season as a Lion. Can he repeat? Sure. Will he miss a game or three? Sure.

    11. Knowshon Moreno- Hopefully he stays a Bronco in 2014.

    12. Ryan Mathews- The biggest fantasy tease in recent years. Do you dare enter “The Mathews Zone.” Was 2013 a sign of things to come this season? Proceed with caution.

    13. Alfred Morris- Probably rebounds from last season, but until there is production he remains outside the Top 10. He does rank first for driving the best car in the NFL.

    14. Zac Stacy- Since taking over in Week 5 of last season he put up RB1 stats. Don’t see why it will not continue in 2014.

    15. Giovanni Bernard- Timeshare with the Law Firm, playoff fumble- forget about it! Interesting fact: Hue Jackson takes over at OC for the Bengals. In 2010 as Da Raiders OC they ranked 2nd that season in rushing. Watch out for Gio B. 


    Wide Receiver:

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    1. Calvin Johnson- Should be the number one receiver off the board.

    2. Demarius Thomas- Stud last season. Will be Peyton’s number one again next season and we know how that goes.

    3. A.J. Green­- 98 passes caught last season. Easily a 2nd round pick.

    4. Dez Bryant- Number one in the Cowboys offense. Hauled in 13 TD’s last year. Look for this offense to throw heavily in 2014.

    5. Josh Gordon- A monster after sitting out the first two games last season. Any other options in Cleveland. Cameron? Bueller? Bueller?

    6. Brandon Marshall- The Cutler-Marshall combo enters it’s 6th season together.

    7. Julio Jones- Should be good to go upon his return and looks to be Ryan’s first option.

    8. Antonio Brown- Doesn’t get all the love like the first seven on this list, but check the resume, Antonio is a legit number one.

    9. Larry Fitzgerald- The Derek Jeter of the NFL. Classy.

    10. Keenan Allen- Number one guy in SD. Huge factor in Rivers revival. Don’t see Allen hitting the sophomore slump.

    11. Vincent Jackson- Three consecutive seasons with over 1,000 yards. Hopefully the healthy returns of Mike Williams and Doug Martin will help VJ reach that 4th  season.

    12. Jordy Nelson- Great chemistry with Rodgers. As long as he stays healthy he should produce double-digit touchdowns.

    13. Alshon Jeffery- Should build upon last seasons success.

    14. Randall Cobb- Injury cut short is 2013 campaign. Look for him to return and put up the stats he should have posted.

    15. Pierre Garcon- RG3 and Garcon headed to Arizona to get their offseason reps in together.


    Tight Ends

    1. Jimmy Graham- Contract issues aside, he’s still number one.

    2. Julius Thomas- Saw 89 targets in 2013, 12 of them touchdowns.

    3. Rob Gronkowski- Stay healthy Gronk.

    4. Jordan Reed- Was headed towards a breakout season until a concussion cut it short. Top 5 pick this season. Needs to stay healthy.

    5. Vernon Davis- The unofficial captain for the Team USA Olympic Curling team.

    6. Dennis Pitta- Locked up his deal with the Ravens. Lock as a top 10 TE.

    7. Jordan Cameron-Norv Turner mentioned twice in these rankings! The loss of Norv and Chud definitely impacts Cameron. Still athletic enough and is the number 2 option in the Cleveland offense.

    8. Jason Witten- Look for the Romo and Witten connection to remain solid in 2014.

    9. Greg Olsen- Underrated and if he falls to you on draft day you’ll be happy.

    10. Charles Clay- A favorite of Tannehill’s, don’t be surprised if he moves up this list. 

    There you have it ladies and gents. The Pre Pre Season Fantasy Football player rankings. Again, only 183 days. Are you ready?

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    1. Crazy mike

      March 10, 2014 at 1:26 AM

      Very good post. I will keep it on!!

    2. P Daddy

      March 5, 2014 at 1:11 AM

      It’s never too early to be thinkin’ football. Thanks for the post. I’ll be following it all the way to draft day. Before this I didn’t know the difference between Drew Brees and Drew Barrymore.

      • Frantz Paul

        Frantz Paul

        March 5, 2014 at 12:13 PM

        Honestly I don’t play Fantasy but I can see the appeal in it. Keeps people entertained even when their team is not in it. Damn good post.

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