Oz Effect Presents: Week 16 NFL Picks

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    Updated: December 19, 2013
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    You know how this works. I make my picks with my main man Will. His pick will be underneath mine. Last week Will and I tied. No more of that nonsense. I’m winning it all. The over/unders are from fantasy911.com. Prepare to be informed.


    Dolphins (8-6) vs. Bills (5-9)-O/U 43 

    Miami has been on a roll as of late. Will must be filled with hate about the situation. The defense is playing solid and Mike Wallace is finally playing like his contract says he should. And Tannehill is coming through in clutch situations. Sometimes the thing that brings teams together is adversity and they definitely had that this year. The Bills just had a solid win against the Jags.  The problem is it’s only the Jags and the Bills are a little inconsistent. 

    Oz-Dolphins and the under 

    Will-Dolphins and the over


    Vikings (4-9-1) vs. Bengals (9-5)-O/U 48.5 

    The Matt Cassel led Vikings are playing some okay ball. Out of all the QB’s Minnesota has Matty C is the only one who can throw worth a damn. If AP is back this game I think they have a chance for the upset. They would also need the bad Andy Dalton to show up. This is weird but I think Dalton lights it up this game. The Bengals will be looking for revenge for the last lost against the Steelers. 

    Oz-Bengals and the under 

    Will-Bengals and the over


    Colts (9-5) vs. Chiefs (11-3)-O/U 44.5

    I don’t know how much stock I put in the recent scoring explosion by the Chiefs. But I will say Jamaal Charles is the truth. In fact if I had an MVP vote he would be it. The success that they have had on offense falls squarely on him.  Speaking of one person carrying a team, Andrew Luck has done all he could to make his team relevant. For a playoff team a lot of people are writing them off. I think this game they remind people why you should trust Luck. Or his line gives up and Luck gets killed. 

    Oz-Colts and the under

    Will-Chiefs and the over


    Bucs (4-10) vs. Rams (6-8)-O/U 43

    I know better than to believe that the Rams have put it all together. The win against the Saints was a fluke. They play well against good teams and fall short against teams you would think they should beat. The Bucs actually played the 49ers tough until the end will they starting making a lot of mistakes. And like I always tell everybody, I’M ALL IN!!!!!!

    Oz-Bucs and the over 

    Will-Rams and the over


    Browns (4-10) vs. Jets (6-8)-O/U 41

    The Browns might be in tank for a good draft pick mode. The only problem is even if you try to tank against Jets, Geno will spoil your plans with 3 or 4 picks. Campbell has had some solid moments and Josh Gordon is that dude. I’m going to go with that.

    Oz-Browns and the under

    Will-Jets and the over


    Cowboys (7-7) vs. Redskins (3-11)-O/U 54 

    With as bad as Washington has been this year, it’s tough to imagine picking them. But with Cousins at QB they didn’t look horrible. But it was against the Falcons. And the Cowboys who I think are in their own heads with this December thing look terrible. Their defense gets overlooked because of Romo’s ill-timed mistakes. But Monte Kiffin has no place in the NFL. I want everybody to know I don’t feel confident about this pick. 

    Oz-Cowboys and the over 

    Will-Cowboys and the under


    Saints (10-4) vs. Panthers (10-4)-O/U 47

    This game will decide the NFC South. Both teams will have to bring their best. I’m pretty sure Carolina will be the favorite because of the problems the Saints have had away from their dome.  But in a big game I trust Brees more than Cam at this point. Brees just has more big game experience. Also I’m still in Panther hater mode. 

    Oz-Saints and the over

    Will-Panthers and the over


    Titans (5-9) vs. Jaguars (4-10)-O/U 44 

    Mike Munchak is coaching for his job these next 2 weeks. The Jags first win came against the Titans. That right there might have doomed Mikey’s job. Gus Bradley on the other hand has the Jags playing tough. They never quit even though most games they clearly have inferior talent.  The future looks okay for the Jags. Not so sure about the Titans. 

    Oz-Jags and the over 

    Will-Titans and the under


    Broncos (11-3) vs. Texans (2-12)-O/U 53 

    The Texans are by far the worst team in the NFL. The best way to beat the Broncos would be outdoors.  Unfortunately for the Texans they play inside and the Broncos are looking to take care of business after their last loss. But I do think Case Keenum will put up some points against this Broncos defense. Just not enough. 

    Oz-Broncos and the over 

    Will-Broncos and the over


    Giants (5-9) vs. Lions (7-7)-O/U 49 

    The Giants look like a team that gave up. I know Seattle is good but not that good. Eli is having one of the record-setting type years but not in a good way. He might throw 30+ picks this year.  That’s really hard to do. If the Lions lose this game, I would fire Schwartz immediately. I still think he gets fired either way but a win could hold it off until the end of the season. 

    Oz-Lions and the over 

    Will-Lions and the under


    Cardinals (9-5) vs. Seahawks (12-2)-O/U 43 

    The Seahawks as 10 point favorites seems a little high against the not that bad Cards. Not saying the Cards will win because it is in Seattle but Vegas I think bought in a little too much on that win against the Giants. But like I said Seahawks at home is too easy. 

    Oz-Seahawks and the over 

    Will-Seahawks and the over


    Steelers (6-8) vs. Packers (7-6-1)-O/U N/A

    If Rodgers is playing I would pick the Packers. If not I’m going with the spoiling Steelers. I think Pittsburgh only goal is to ruin everybody’s playoff hopes. Call it the revenge of Tomlin for fining him $100,000.  




    Raiders (4-10) vs. Chargers (7-7)-O/U 50.5 

    The Chargers just came off the win of their year. Phillips has been playing really solid this year.  I like him for the most improved player award this year. Also he’s my front-runner for underappreciated All Pro team QB. That being said they have big wins and have some bad losses.  Look at their record. 7-7 means inconsistent. And the Raiders can score points.  I hope they start Pryor but even with McGloin I like them. 

    Oz-Raiders and the over 

    Will-Charger and the under


    Patriots (10-4) vs. Ravens (8-6)-O/U 45

    Tucker might be one of the best kickers I’ve seen. Flacco should share some of that insane contract with him. If a kicker is the only person that scores in a game, then that teams QB should not be making 20 million a year. They will need more than Tucker to beat the Pats.  Unfortunately for them they have much on offense besides the deep ball.

    Oz-Patriots and the under 

    Will-Patriots and the over


    Bears (8-6) vs. Eagles (8-6)-O/U 56.5

    There shouldn’t be any snow this game. That’s too bad because I think these two teams would be fun to watch in the snow. McCoy should have a field day with this defense that couldn’t stop me from rushing for 100 yds. But I can see Cutler having one of the stop doubting me games. I’m convinced that he is their QB. It’s time for the rest of the world to join me. 

    Oz-Bears and the over

    Will-Bears and the over


    Falcons (4-10) vs. 49ers (10-4)-O/U 45 

    This is the farewell Candlestick game. I feel bad for Atlanta in this one. The year has not been good. And they can try all they want to be up for this game but they won’t come anywhere close to the 49ers. I’m going to miss the ol’ stick. But the new stadium looks really good. A win here will also secure a playoff spot for the 49ers.  

    Oz-49ers and the under 

    Will-49ers and the over

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    1. Oz

      December 19, 2013 at 12:48 PM

      Nope 49ers

    2. Chris

      December 19, 2013 at 12:39 PM

      Wishful thinking much with your picks. The way you make picks is comparable to frantz writing football articles. But I’ll give you props. You have decent information but I have no idea why you hate the panthers. You must be a Tampa fan that hates on there success

      • Frantz Paul

        Frantz Paul

        December 19, 2013 at 1:03 PM

        lol at what Panthers success are you talking about??? all their conference championship’s and super bowls with Cam and Rivera? What success are you referring to exactly? Have the Panthers even locked up a playoff spot yet? You must be related to Cam Newton or be an idiot Auburn fan. lol at Panthers success. um when?

      • Frantz Paul

        Frantz Paul

        December 19, 2013 at 1:06 PM

        Also idiot, it’s “Their” success, not “there” Hooked on phonics evidently didn’t work for you much huh.

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