Road To The Sugar Bowl

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    Updated: December 23, 2013
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    The Oklahoma Sooners chances at playing in BCS bowl game were looking very bleak after suffering two losses on the season to Texas and Baylor. And with Oklahoma State knocking off both teams it looked like the Cowboys would walk through the Sooners on their way to a big 12-conference championship. 

    But their plans were spoiled by a 33-24 loss to the Sooners sending Baylor to the Fiesta Bowl with a win over Texas. The Alabama Crimson Tide looked like they would have a chance to repeat for a National Title game only to be upset by Auburn 34-28. This set up an Oklahoma vs. Alabama Sugar Bowl showdown. 

    Undoubtedly the 11th ranked Sooners will be the underdog against the 3rd ranked Alabama team in this match up, but the Sooners play this role well. You hear it in almost all sports writers that the SEC is a superior conference to all others. 

    Don’t get me wrong the Sooners will be out matched by a very talented Alabama squad, but I would not over look the Sooners head coach Bob Stoops who when he has the time to prepare his team to face a high treat offense like the Crimson Tide, he comes ready; just ask Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. 

    This game will be a defining moment for the Sooners if they pull off an upset win. As for the Alabama Crimson Tide it will be just another notch in their belt. Either way this is the biggest game of the season for the Oklahoma Sooner proud. 

    For talented Alabama they will be looking to make a statement because surely even as a one loss team Nick Saban and company feel they deserve more than a Sugar Bowl appearance with against an 11th ranked Sooner team. Let’s see if Saban is correct. 

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