LSN NBA Podcast: LeBron, Warriors, NBA Draft, and the New York Knicks

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Updated: June 17, 2015
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In this latest edition of the La Sportsa Nostra NBA podcast, we are pleased to have Chris Herring, Jason Damiano and Zaire Brown join our very own Frantz Paul to discuss all things NBA. On this edition, the gentlemen will be discussing LeBron James and his NBA Finals performance and what, if anything, it does for his legacy.

They will discuss the Golden State Warriors, if they’re an all-time great team, or was this just one great season, and do we potentially have a dynasty on our hands. They will discuss the state of the Western and Eastern Conference and very very early predictions for next season’s Finals. NBA Draft discussion. And last but not least, a discussion on the Knicks, Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher, who should the Knicks draft, is the triangle outdated, and what’s all the Hoopla about Kristaps Porzingis.

We really hope you all enjoy the podcast, and if you’re not already, give each one of these gentlemen a follow on twitter. They won’t disappoint. Enjoy!


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