Albaggio & McHugh’s Week 14 NFL Picks Against The Spread

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Updated: December 7, 2014
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Quick Bio in case at some point you wonder why you’re reading this (Or why you should stop).  MY name is Steve McHugh and I was privileged to be a part of a reality TV show called Barter Kings on A&E for 3 seasons. The absolute best journey I could have been given.  My background as a handicapper. 

I’ve lost for 19 straight years! Here’s how blind gamblers are—I still think I’m good at it. I do believe I have a knack for calling games and for recognizing trends in teams. My problem is I tend to wager on every single thing I see whether I like it or not. I’ve been challenged to go 50% or better in my NFL picks ATS this week and I “BET” I will do it. Dig in take notes and don’t wager on my picks!!!

Cowboys vs. Bears  +4

I tend not to give much merit to trends for the past years. Looking at the Dallas records for December you have to wonder if they are too and if that is the extra spark they need to take da Bears down. My first hunch was “yes.” Then I listened to all the so-called experts and have been talked into believing da Bears fundamentally have a good team and can play. I’ll bite.  Bears +4

Steelers vs. Bengals -3.5 

For 2 games the Steelers offense appeared to be virtually unstoppable. Big Ben was throwing timing routes to receivers before they were open and hitting them as they became open and all these plays went for big gains. Not sure what the Bengals were doing last week but it stunk. I’m going to guess that the Bengals stink again but not enough to not cover at home.   Bengals -3.5

Rams vs. Skins +3

I would love to have the stugots to take the skins here. Even if I rule out the Rams big wins this year from my statistics they still are a good team. They match up well in every position and seem to want to play well. You have to wonder if it’s that time yet when teams are tagged as not wanting to play or win in order to get in line for the draft. Are the skins there? Rams?  Who cares?    Rams -3

Giants vs. Titans  +1

I am an anti-Titans guy. Won’t bet on them and won’t bet against them. Won’t spend time handicapping them. Giants -1

Panthers vs. Saints -10

Good ole Panthers can’t live with them can’t trust them can’t bet on them. Cam was tagged early in the year as a non-caring and un-interested teammate. He seemed to want fame more than wins. I didn’t believe it for a second. Now I do.   Saints  -10

Jets vs. Vikings  -7

Pretty obvious Jets do not play well on the road. Also pretty obvious they don’t play well at home. So can they match up against the Vikes who are somehow 5-7.  I don’t think so. What I do think is that 7 is enough to get me to take the Jets in what I think could be a fair opportunity for them to win outright against a team that just sometimes chooses not to execute.   Jets  +7

Ravens vs. Miami   -3

Hmm……  Miami was on my most improved list a few weeks back. Since then they have managed to literally by RUN over by teams. Although they eeeked out a win last week you just feel like they can’t fix what broke. I was a fan of Miami and made some money on them. I feel Tannehill has a big future with some receiver help. Against my better judgment, I think they do FIX it and take a win here.  Miami -2.5

Colts vs. Browns  +4

Colts are a possible Super Bowl at some point. Browns don’t give you that feeling.  Statistically the browns seem to fit. There’s a lot of things to worry about on defense for them. How to you stop a team with good LUCK.  If I had to put a million on this game I would take Colts. Since I’m in no danger of that I am going to lean with the point win.   Browns +4

Bucs vs. Lions  -10

You hate to lay 10 against anyone. It’s time for the Lions offense to piggyback off last week and have 2 back-to-back 30+ games. The Bucs should allow that.   Lions -10

Texans vs. Jags  +6.5

Who the heck did the Jags beat this year? Did they play the Raiders twice? Bortles was my pick for anyone who needed a Fantasy Football QB. Sorry to those I gave that one to.  The Jags are good for an upset every year. Since Texans are aware the JAGS beat them twice last year I think the Texans will perk up and pay attention. Also the Jags seem to goal set to score 17 points and then stop.   Texans -6.5

Seahawks vs. Eagles  -1

Seahawks are a stronger team but maybe not better. Since I have the Eagles as my only futures bet to win the division and Super Bowl I should take the Hawks here to help my chances. The contrarian in me has died.   Eagles -1

49ers vs. Raiders  -9

Ok. I give. After last week how do you take the Raiders?  This is why gambling is great.  Not many people INCLUDING ME can put their name or money on the Raiders here. There is no reason to. Yet this is a game they cover. That being said-    49ers -9

Pats vs. Chargers +4

Brady is pure genius. Rivers is a talented and competitive player that plays up to his competition. Tall order here. Although I think the chargers have what it takes – It’s December and Brady time.  Pats -4

Falcons vs. Pack -13

Are my write-ups getting shorter? IF they were longer would you still be reading?   Falcons +13

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