2014 NFL Power Rankings Through Week 10

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    Updated: November 7, 2014
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    This NFL season is shaping up exactly like the current college football season. Both the NFL and NCAA are full of great-but-not-stellar teams bustling around near the top of the rankings. It’s making for an interesting NFL season. So here’s the latest NFL power rankings including each team’s chances for making it to the Super Bowl (after their record), because ultimately, lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy in Arizona is what it’s all about, right?


    1 Broncos (6-2) {50%}

    Offseason acquisitions are starting to look brilliant, and their Super Bowl vanquishers are struggling. The most complete and consistent team.

    2   Patriots (7-2) {45%}

    Brought out the Sad Peyton face this last week, but he was probably already miffed that kickoff temperatures were hovering around 40. This is the team to beat right now, but they are an injury away (WR, OL, DB, take your pick) from losing that edge.

    3   Cardinals (7-1) {25%}

    This Sunday was their signat-our win of the season, but I don’t like their chances with so few statistics trending in their favor. The games against Seattle will likely be the telling outcome, regardless of whether they win the division or not.

    4   Steelers (6-3) {12%}

    Holy Franco Harris, Batman, these Stillers are for real all of a sudden. They beat their rivals with uber-back Le’veon Bell getting only twenty yards on the ground. Their strong division is weakening. Ben Roethlisberger is putting up Brady/Manning/Luck numbers. Pittsburgh took one look at Cleveland’s supposed revival and got it together, look out.

    5   Colts (6-3) {10%}

    Courtesy of celebritynetworth.com

    The betting line on that Giants game was so bad, you’d have thought Andrew Luck’s neckbeard had finally risen up and strangled him over the weekend. Like the Broncos, the Colts have a strong quarterback leading them but they lack a real running game.

    6   Lions (6-2) {8%}

    Courtesy of examiner.com

    Courtesy of examiner.com

    Matthew Stafford is proving himself without Megatron, and their defense rivals the Cards for the best in the league. So why so low? Their play is spottier than the 101 Dalmatians, and if Atlanta doesn’t roll over in the second half, they’re tied with Green Bay in the division.

    7   Packers (5-3) {6%}

    Speaking of whom, the Packers cannot be counted out, primarily because Aaron Rodgers is fully capable of pulling a Roethlisberger and churning out few weeks of amazing games when it matters. Relax.

    8   Cowboys (6-3) {5%}

    Murray Sherman

    The Dallas Cowboys are an offensive dynamo missing their gunslinger. If Tony Romo is 100%, these Boys remain a top-10 team. But if he turns into a creaky, week-to-week, fantasy-anguish-bringer, and they’re done.

    9   Dolphins (5-3) {5%}

    NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins

    Sense a common theme? This is the center of the bubble, as far a Super Bowl hopes are defined. These Fins are riding high, though, and as long as Lamar Miller is healthy, they’ve got enough offense to supplant a disruptive defense.

    10   Eagles (6-2) {5%}

    Don’t balk at this ranking, it’s true through and through. My Dad: “I’ve always liked Mark Sanchez, maybe I’ll pick him up.” He might be a cool guy, but who’s to say that Derek Carr, Zach Mettenberger, and whoever throws picks for Tampa this week aren’t likeable? These arms were not made for championships.

    11   Chiefs (5-3) {5%}

    As confusing a team as there is in the NFL, as every outcome seems to have no bearing on the next game. The Chiefs Cculd go on a run despite abysmal WRs because of great defense and a solid QB-RB duo.

    12   Bengals (5-2-1) {5%}

    They’ve come a long way since the jailbird teams of a few years ago, but Andy Dalton is no Carson Palmer of this or any other year. As with the Cardinals, their division games will define them and their playoff hopes.

    13   Seahawks (5-3) {5%}

    Ah, my hometown kids. See Chiefs commentary.

    14   Saints (4-4) {3%}

    Winning their division may not be hard, but this is a team with playoff experience, so it means a lot, no matter how much they’re challenged along the way. Mr. Brees’ last chance?

    15   Chargers (5-4) {3%}

    The crumbly bits of defense they’d put up so far finally blew away. Phillip Rivers needs a strong Ryan Matthews back after the bye, or they are set for another January on the beach.

    16   Ravens (5-4) {2%}

    Joe Flacco is looking every bit the QB we all knew him to be before that Super Bowl ring, and Jon Harbaugh has no choice but to face the stretch run with the defense that remains.

    17   49ers (4-4) {2%}

    You have a whole set of downs from a yard out and you don’t give Frank Gore the ball? A well-deserved loss, then.

    18   Bills (5-3) {2%}

    Another enigmatic team, they still have a teensy chance, mainly because Kyle Orton is no slouch (that was E.J. Manuel).

    19   Browns (5-3) {1%}

    Man-ziel! Man-ziel! Man-ziel! But really though, would you want to be facing playmaker extraordinaire Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel on the same offense? I think not.

    20   Vikings (4-5) {1%}

    They now have a defense. And an offense. At the same time. Savor this novelty, Vikings fans.

    21   Texans (4-5) {1%}

    Arian Foster and J.J. Watt are carrying this team, and for me, that’s enough reason to give them that 1%, because they’re both scary-great.

    22   Bears (3-5)

    Jay Cutler overtakes Eli Manning in the race for most petulant QB of 2014!

    23   Rams (3-5)

    Three wacky wins and an absurdly young team means hope for the future… and the NFL’s about entertainment, right? I’d go to a Rams game this season.

    24   Panthers (3-5-1)

    Steve Smith’s ultimate revenge? Cam Newton’s current woes.

    25   Washington (3-6)

    Dan Snyder, you are cursed until you change the team name, don’t you realize that?

    26   Giants (3-5)

    Think Eli would like to be traded back to San Diego now?

    27   Falcons (2-6)

    They’re still starting Steven Jackson at running back, why now?

    28   Jaguars (1-8)

    Lots of young promise that’s about a year behind the Rams, but why go to a game when beaches are so much less depressing?

    29   Buccaneers (1-7)

    Remember when the Bucs were serviceable with Josh Freeman at the helm?

    30   Jets (1-8)

    Remember when Rex Ryan had anything to boast about?

    31   Raiders (0-8)

    Remember when the Raiders had a recognizable Wide Receiver?

    32   Titans (2-6)

    Remember when Chris Johnson and the Titans were good?


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