Roger Goodell and The NFL Refs Need To Get It Together

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Updated: December 13, 2013
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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson suffered a foot injury in last Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. After the game Peterson’s foot was re-examined by doctors and his MRI and CT scans were negative, and the entire Vikings fan base let out a collective sigh of relief. On Monday Peterson was sporting a walking boot as a precaution. But this is less about the Vikings and Adrian Peterson, and more about terrible fans and a lack of awareness from the top guys in the NFL. 

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The Vikings playoff hopes are finished for the season after one of the worst officiated games anyone has seen all year. Not to mention the Ravens fans acting like children in the fourth quarter of the game by throwing snowballs at the Viking players on the sidelines trying to incite a confrontation. 

The NFL and their referee’s should have giving out penalty’s for unsportsmanlike conduct against the Ravens because their fan base was acting like children.

The players on that field can handle taunts and belligerence from rival fans because they are professionals, but throwing anything at a player is assault and should be treated with legal action.

If a NFL player steps out of line commissioner, Roger Goodell has no problem fining players or suspending a player, yet he will allow players to be put in harm’s way by unruly fans?

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Maybe the league should consider implementing a system of taking fans down to a makeshift holding cell in the stadium and have a judge there to sentence them for disorderly behavior and assault. Similar to what the Philadelphia Eagles had in The Vet before they built Lincoln Financial Field. Something needs to be done because fans are starting get out of control. 

The refs should have taken control and stopped the game momentarily until the fans started to act in a way that would not cause possible harm to the players, or cause a reaction from a 300-pound lineman the league would not want. Like an angry giant snatching one of the parties responsible for the assault out of that stands and having some words with them. Because then it becomes about the player and his actions and not what caused him to act that way. 

Maybe Goodell would rather see that happen so he can further establish his control and line the NFL’s pocket with more money from player fines; all the more money for those hefty Christmas bonus’ and new Bentley’s. Santa does not deliver gifts like those.

This is disgraceful on the part of the NFL to allow and accept this, as is, very poor form. As far as Peterson goes, losing season or not, this is a man who wont give up; expect him to be up for some carries come Sunday. At least this week he plays against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles fans may give their opponents a hard time, but the only thing getting thrown in a players direction in Philadelphia are bad words and middle fingers. That I can live with. 

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