Sooners In The Home Stretch

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Updated: October 30, 2015
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Despite a 24-17 upset at the Red River rivalry at the hands of a struggling Texas Longhorns, the agonizing defeat might just have been the best possible thing for the Sooners. As if the mighty kraken was summoned, the Sooners rolled into Manhattan Kansas with a chip on their shoulders.

The Sooners, lead by QB Baker Mayfield, who had thrown for 282 yards and 5 TDs, accompanied by a Joe Mixon rushing TD, was not as impressive as the OU defense who handed Kansas State their first shutout going back to 1996.

The KSU legendary coach Bill Snyder when asked after the game said ” I think all of us are embarrassed, I cant remember being involved in a game like this since 1989, the first year we were here, and I don’t even know if we had one that bad in the first go around following the 55-0 blowout.” Coach Snyder wrote an apology letter to the wildcat fans for their poor performance against the Sooners. Stoops and company played host to Texas Tech with their impressive second ranked offense this Saturday.

The Sooner defense showed up for the challenge, holding TTU under 30 points for the first time this season however unlike the 55-0 shutout against KSU, it was the surprising Sooner run game who stole the show.

Lead by phenom RB Samaje Peerine (who thus far has been a quite pawn in new offensive coordinator, Lincoln Riley’s air raid attack) rushing 201 yards and 4 TDs along with a break out best from running back Joe Mixon with 154 yards, 1 rushing TD as well as 1 receiving TD. Although Mayfield threw 1 INT, he also had 2 TD tosses throwing for 212 yards passing. When the dust settled the Sooners gave a 63-27 lashing to the Red Raiders.

There is no doubting the uphill battle the Sooners have in their remaining schedule, such as, 2nd ranked Baylor, 5th ranked TCU and Bedlem, with in state rival, 12th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys are still to come. The Sooners next two games come against 0-7 Kansas, and a disappointing 2-5 Iowa State team.

Neither opponent should be overlooked by Oklahoma. Never the less, the Sooners have one thing neither of these three highly ranked teams have going for them, a defense capable of halting any top ranked offensive team throughout all of college football. As great as the Sooners defense is, their offense seems to be only more fluid as the season progresses.

However, the Sooners have to remain focused, not looking past the next two weeks, despite poor play by KS and ISU. The one question throughout Sooner nation remains, is the magic back in Norman? As long as the Sooners pull off a clean sweep of their final five games of this season, a playoff berth will be inevitable.

But if college football has taught fans anything there are no guarantees.

On a more personal note, my thoughts and condolences as well as the entire college football nation are with the victims and families affected by the tragedy at this past weekends OSU homecoming parade.


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